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Schedule your complimentary phone/Zoom session today to explore all of your options!   

Inquire about discounted package pricing offered with up to 20% off single session pricing.  


Complementary Discovery
30 Minutes

Schedule your complimentary Discovery Session today to explore all your options!

This 30-minute exploratory conversation is a great initial step to getting your questions answered and allows me to get to know you and the goals you are seeking to work on.  Information on individual, package and group sessions will be presented during this call.  I look forward to speaking with you!


Individual and group sessions are guided from the perspective of making lasting changes within your life. To better enable you in establishing these changes, I will ask you to be open in setting goals that best suit your growth needs and be able to participate in the unique-to-you action plans we will establish.  Sessions are centered around trust, authenticity, confidentiality, and progression.  These are the markers of making lasting, momentous change within a coaching relationship.  I will meet you where you’re at in your process, while guiding and encouraging you in however you are needing to grow into your goals.  


Power in Confidence
Group Coaching Sessions