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About ME

Angela Bloomquist

Hello, thank you for visiting and wanting to know more!


The story of how I’ve grown to love what I do is no longer gut wrenching to tell. It has become a story of why I am passionate about the life I live and the work I do.


I am a lifelong seeker of knowledge in the art of overcoming negative, limiting mindsets, which goes hand in hand with my life story. A story that has been a long and winding road of finding the pieces to make me whole again. I spent years seeking out the keys to unlock myself from a prison of abandonment and a feeling of unworthy. 


I lost my mother in a car accident at the age of 6, and emotionally losing my father to his own addictions began a downward spiral for me. At 7 years old my innocence was taken by sexual abuse. Living with various family members over the next two years made me feel displaced, misunderstood, and invisible. I felt broken and detached from humanity.


This led to a life of addictive behaviors and all the destruction that comes with them. On the outside it appeared I had it all together. Perfect marriage, two healthy children, material things, yet the underlying brokenness festered, regardless of how cleverly I tried masking it.


If you find yourself relating to my story in any way, I encourage you to honor that voice within you that craves relief and healing.  If you have a desire to change the trajectory of your life, schedule a discovery call today.


I commit to walking alongside you in your journey with an honor to those that walked with me. 


Angela Bloomquist

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